2018 Lorne Sculpture Biennale Finalists

The Lorne Sculpture Biennale (LSB) is a vibrant festival celebrating the best of Australian and international sculpture. ‘Landfall’ – the curatorial theme for 2018 – is devoted to the pressing global issue of nature and endangerment, where the selected artists’ sculptures will explore the intersection of nature, humanity and art. 

The LSB President, Lindy Joubert, has announced the selection of artists for the 2018 Lorne Sculpture Biennale. Eighty-two artists submitted a total of 99 proposals across the four main categories; Sculpture Trail, Sculpturescape Land Art, Performance and Major Project Commissions. Artists were asked to address issues of the environment in the following themes:

1. Endangerment & biodiversity,
2. Climate & weather,
3. Capital,
4. Re-purpose/global junk,
5. Technology and surveillance,
6. Language
7. Light, sound, performance & projection.

Curator, Lara Nicholls, commented that, “I am especially delighted to have such a wide range of submissions from artists throughout Australia making this a truly national event. Furthermore, we received proposals from around the globe and it is very exciting to know that in 2018, the Lorne Sculpture Biennale will host several international artists who have never before shown in Australia.”

LSB16 Sculpture Trail winner – Jenny Crompton, Sea Country Spirits, 2016, recycled copper wire, shells, feathers, roo bones, grass tree, fronds and paint

Sculpture Trail
There are 21 Sculpture Trail sites extending from Stony Creek in North Lorne to the George River. Many sculptors will create new projects specially for Lorne and we will see an exciting mix of emerging and established sculptors – Sonia Payes, Ritchie Ares Doña, Brigit Heller, Karl Meyer, Ashika Marek Ostapkowicz, Emma Anna, Merinda Kelly, Nicole Voevodin-Cash, Paul Murphy, Michael Needham & Jason Waterhouse, Mark Schaller, Margaret Worth, Jock Clutterbuck, Aldo Bilotta, Georgina Humphries, David Wood, Jos van Hulsen, James Parrett, Fleur Brett, David Long and Pedro Pires

Sculpturescape Land Art
In 2018 Sculpturescape has a specific focus on the Land Art movement. Nine projects will see artists will use the environment and re-imagine it in clever ways either by introducing new materials or by rearranging what is already there – Aly & Balthasar Indermühle, Martin George, Sophie Clague, Marcus Tatton, Ciara Glover, Ryan Kennedy, Kerstin Cuming, Stephanie Karavasilis and David Shepherd

LSB16 Major Project commission – Aaron Robinson, Transflective Lawn

Major Projects
Works will be site specific. They may be object-based or time-based using sound, light, projection or kinetics, and can be experienced in the evenings after dark – 
Shirin Abedinerad (Iran); Claudia Chaseling and Milovan Markovic (Germany/Serbia); Seol Park/John Kelly (Korea/Australia & Ireland)

Works will take centre stage at our new quarry performance site – Jill Orr; Anton Hasell

Over three weekends from Saturday 17 March to Monday 2 April in 2018, the stunning Lorne foreshore and surrounds will become the picturesque pedestal for these works, and the venue for a vibrant program of festival events.

Artist awards:
The ‘Landfall’ LSB18 non-acquisitive award, $20,000
Sculpturescape Land Art award, $10,000
Emerging Artist award, $10,000
People’s Choice award, $3,000

Writers’ award:
Scarlett Award,$3,000


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