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April 2017

Art is a way to recognise truths and myths, says Robert Andrew who explores colonialism, dispossession and the third space we occupy when trying to understand the coalescence of the past, present and future. We agree. Why not ask why?

The practices of Philjames, Jumaadi, Peter Maloney, the performance artists in ‘Political Acts’, Shigeru Ban and Richard Tipping demonstrate the power of art to challenge ‘the narrative’ by being a question rather than an answer.

Chloe Mandryk, Editor
and the Art Almanac Team


Art Almanac team

‘The inventive work of Shigeru Ban’
Tess Maunder

Richard Tipping, ‘Instant History’
Kenny Pittock

‘Political Acts’
Lucy Stranger

Peter Maloney, ‘To Australia!’
Giselle Stanborough

Jumaadi, ‘1/2 fish 1/2 eaten’
Anna Madeleine

Robert Andrew, ‘Our mutable histories’
Melissa Pesa

Philjames, ‘WARPARTY’
Chloe Mandryk

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