In This Issue

May 2017

From immutable damage to the environment, the fluidity of identity, dislocation in migration to seeing beyond the prescription of patterns or materials ‘changing states’ has emerged as a focal point this issue.

Artists and shows that delight in the joyful as well as confronting nature of transformation include Sarah Contos, Nathan Beard, Claire Lambe, ‘The National’ across Sydney city and ‘Troubled Waters’ at Samstag. Variations on this idea can also be found in our survey of artist books and news items that, as in Laith McGregor’s monograph and the ‘Behind the Wire’ project, confirm our constant evolution.

Chloe Mandryk, Editor
and the Art Almanac Team


Art Almanac team

‘Troubled Waters’
Liv Spiers

Claire Lambe, ‘Mother Holding Something Horrific’
Macushla Robinson

‘Off Grid’
Choe Mandryk

Nathan Beard
Melissa Pesa

‘No Woman is an Island’
Elli Walsh

‘The National’
Roslyn Helper

Sarah Contos
Melissa Pesa

Select exhibition previews