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September 2017

We celebrate tenacious and multifaceted artists who collaborate and welcome interdisciplinary ideas and forms. Artist and broadcaster Julian Day writes about Marco Fusinato’s drawings and interest in noise as music, ‘Tell’ challenges the conventions and purpose of photography, Consuelo Cavaniglia’s sculptural practice evolves as it flirts with geometry and experimental scores and the artists in ‘Out of the Ordinary’ and ‘Every Brilliant Eye’ embrace what’s off-kilter to bring us closer to art.

Chloe Mandryk, Editor
and the Art Almanac Team

NewsBooks – Art Almanac team

Marco Fusinato, Mass Black Implosion ­– Julian Day
Out of the Ordinary – Chloe Mandryk
Tell – Simon Brigden
Consuelo Cavaniglia, the light that catches – Eleanor Zeichner
Every Brilliant Eye – Liv Spiers

Select exhibition previews