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July 2017

Art is at war with apathy in this issue featuring work spurred on by its social, intellectual and aesthetic impact. Tracey Moffatt and Luke Cornish inspire empathy with hyper-real tableaus. Where as ‘Defying Empire’ fuses material and conceptual priorities creating an ‘urgency and gravity that can’t be denied.’ The personal iconography of Jenny Watson and collective visual narratives in ‘Tjunguṉutja’ and ‘Sung Into Being’ encourage us to see the world through the eyes of others.

Chloe Mandryk, Editor
and the Art Almanac Team



Books – Art Almanac team

Tracey Moffatt, ‘My Horizon’ Kimberley Moulton
Luke Cornish, ‘Zeros to the left’Chloe Mandryk
‘Sung Into Being’Jeremy Eccles
‘Call of Avant-Garde: Contructivism and Australian Art’Sasha Grishin
‘Defying Empire’ Yolande Norris
Jenny Watson, ‘The Fabric of Fantasy’Tess Maunder
‘Tjunguṉutja: from having come together’ Melissa Pesa
Daniel Boyd Chloe Mandryk

Select exhibition previews