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Exchange between disciplines, contradiction in material and allowing the private to become public underpin the artist’s ability to refocus our experience. In their own way (and time) each practice in this issue encounters a traditional medium as well as subject in an unconventional way. Glass is outside the studio context in Belconnen Arts Centre, the familiar face of abstraction is re-worked for Sydney’s Artspace, Mandy Martin, Denise Green and the Blue Mountains exhibition ‘Landmarks’ go off-road exploring their environments.

Chloe Mandryk, Editor
and the Art Almanac Team

Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts; Australia’s Impressionists; Ku-ring-gai- pH: Art + Science; Indonesia’s first contemporary art museum; Why Not Ask Again?; Perth International Arts Festival; Brisbane Street Art Festival

Art Almanac team

Denise Green, Beyond and Between – A Painter’s Journey
Macushla Robinson

Superposition in three types
Melissa Pesa

Dale Frank
Chloe Mandryk

Luke Letourneau

Everyone has a history
Chloe Mandryk

Digital Portraiture Award
Grace Blake

Mark Whalen, Sketchbook
Melissa Pesa

Intrinsic Properties | Inherent Vice and Ontogenesis
Chloe Mandryk

Mandy Martin, Homeground
Melissa Pesa

Select exhibition previews
Art Almanac team


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