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November 2017

We acknowledge and pay our respect to the many Aboriginal nations across this land, traditional custodians, Elders past and present; in particular the Guringai people of the Eora Nation where Art Almanac has been produced.

Visual mediums are powerful; they transmute facts and ideas. We explore this notion in regard to colonisation and identity – from Tarryn Gill’s theatrical faces to McLean Edwards’ portraits, new work by Penny Evans and the Indigenous women included in ‘Next Matriarch’ who use their practices to illuminate Ancestral knowledge and look to the future.

Chloe Mandryk, Editor
and the Art Almanac Team


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Tarryn Gill, Dearly Beloved – Naomi Riddle
Next Matriarch – Chloe Mandryk
McLean Edwards, Passport – Melissa Pesa
Faraway, So Close – Sabina McKenna
Not Niwe, Not Nieuw, Not Neu – Luke Letourneau
Penny Evans, YiiY – A Method to Decolonise – Chloe Mandryk

Select exhibition previews