Andre Braun: bondiworldexpo revisited

‘bondiworldexpo revisited’ is Braun’s second exhibition that documents the world-famous Bondi Beach. Where the first body of work explored the very northern parts of the Bondi headland, this exhibition focuses on rediscovering Bondi by creating unique photographic environments and landscapes.

Divided in two parts, ‘Two Worlds – One Beach’ looks at the natural beauty that collides with the human inhabitants: seagulls and humans inhabit the same space, one beach caught in two worlds. ‘Scale Photography at Bondi Beach’ aims to create a fresh perspective of the seemingly familiar Bondi lifestyle.

Waverley Library Galleries
2 to 30 October, 2014

Defying Gravity 1, 2014, metal printing, 30 x 45cm
Courtesy the artist