Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott: Deluge

Over the last twenty years, Edols and Elliott have collaborated on work that has inspired and tantalised many through its intense colour, form and use of light. As a representational artist, Elliott looked to traditions where imagery of rushing water was stylised and Japanese textile design was a great springboard for applying line work and movement.

Whilst creating works for this exhibition, Elliott could not escape thoughts and images of immense waves, huge bodies of water dwarfing the land, crashing as it hit the shore and all the overwhelming intensity that those images bring. This was the imagery she wanted to capture.

Sabbia Gallery
Until 13 June, 2015

Surge Series, 2015, blown glass, wheel carved, 28 x 110cm
Photograph: Ben Townsend
Courtesy the artist and Sabbia Gallery, Sydney

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