Carolyn V. Watson: allgloryisfleeting (memoryandhand)

Carolyn V. Watson’s reinterpretation of traditional materials and an underlying respect for the handmade, has allowed her to borrow, adapt and invert the ordinary.

Watson’s sculptures regenerate the familiar into fictional, hybrid forms that invite viewers to question the states of transition that each piece is caught within. Appearing totemic, the taxidermy forms are draped and adorned with a variety of skins and bones, reminding us that all worldly things are indeed fleeting.

The exhibition is balanced by ten mixed-media drawings on linen, which echo the sculptures motifs and movement, playing with the connection between surface and depth with figurative forms.

Carolyn V. Watson, thebulkandblazeofhim

Bundaberg Regional Galleries
Until 10 January, 2016

thebulkandblazeofhim, 2015, mixed media on linen
Courtesy the artist and Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, Queensland

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