COLLABORATEURS – nine days of art

It’s a celebration of the number ‘nine’ at Artereal Gallery – between July 3 and 11 the gallery will present nine artists, nine collaborative projects and nine exhibition openings over nine consecutive days in Collaborateurs. With works by Ella Barclay, Liam Benson, David Capra, Bridie Connell, Tully Arnot & Charles Dennington, Nola Diamantopoulos, Leahlani Johnson, Sylvia Schwenk and Karina Wikamto, Collaborateurs will feature a series of collaborations within a 3 metre x 3 metre white cube, forming a platform for initiating new ideas and objects, occasional unpredictable encounters, and for developing critical social and artistic relationships.
Acknowledging that collaboration has moved into the mainstream of visual arts practice in the past decade, Collaborateurs offers an insight into the variety of ways in which artists collaborate with others: be it their peers, family, mentors, a musician, dancer, film-maker, with machines and technology, or simply with their audience.
The personal and professional ties that bind artist and artist, artist and mentors, friends, colleagues and collectors will be expressed and interpreted as intervention, as performance or installation, or serendipitous outcome; others may simply present a collaborative work produced before or on the day.

The gallery will be open to the public every day from 3-9pm, with the official opening for each project held daily between 6-9pm. It’s a stellar line up of thought provoking work – head to Artereal’s website for a detailed program.

Artereal Gallery
3 to 11 July, 2013

Liam Benson, VB sticker, 2004, C Type print, edition of 5, 61 x 91cm

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