William Fletcher Travelling Fellowship & Rome Residency recipients

The William Fletcher Foundation has announced the winners of the 2019 William Fletcher Travelling Fellowship & Rome Residency – Andrew Bonneau, Max Berry and Robyn Yeoman.

Max Berry and Robyn Yeoman were the other finalists and they each received a three week residency at Bundanon

The 3-month residency at The British School in Rome has gone to emerging artist Andrew Bonneau, a graduate of the National Art School in Sydney. In the past he has exhibited in the 2017 Archibald Prize, the National Portrait Gallery and the Black Swan Portrait Prize. A traditionalist drawer and painter, Bonneau embodies a primarily European realist style in his portraiture, figurative work, still life and landscapes.

The two 3-week residency programs at Bundanon were awarded to artists Robyn Yeoman and Max Berry. Yeoman’s paintings and illustrations beautifully capture the warmth of country Australia, drawing inspiration from her childhood; while Berry’s paintings interpret the peculiar intimacy and slowness of  flora, objects and suburban scenery, communicated through his masterful use of colour and form.