A world in a looking glass

‘A world in a looking glass’ is an exhibition of works by contemporary artists working in the tradition of the medieval art form of creating miniature objects. Waratah Lahy, Kendal Murray, Mylyn Nguyen, Leo Robba, and Tinky (Liz Sonntag) present small-scale works, which invite the viewer on a journey into curious little realms where stories unfold within dream-like scenarios, across everyday observations, in street-based dioramas and the Gallipoli Landscape. These miniscule creations are cause to stop, to look and explore more closely.

Kendal Murray, Objections, Reflections, Corrections, 2014, mixed media assemblage, 8 x 7.5 x 9cm. Courtesy the artist, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney and Grafton Regional Gallery, New South Wales

Tinky (Liz Sonntag), It was always a risky move when Domikazé practiced his sumo tactics in the sculpture park. Courtesy the artist and Blender Studios, Melbourne

Grafton Regional Gallery
Until 20 October 2019
New South Wales