Artist Opportunities

Art Almanac prides itself on being a resource for artists. We have selected a few galleries and funding bodies calling for submissions for Awards, Artist Engagements, Grants, Public Art, Residency Programs, Exhibition Proposals and more. Click here for the full list of Art Awards and Proposals and Submissions and Internships & Fellowships. Enjoy and good luck!

Read about the inaugural Warehouse Residency at Arts House, the start of a five-year disability-led residency and commissioning program, giving Deaf, Disabled and neurodiverse artists support in reaching their artistic potential.

Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarships 2023
Applications close Thursday June 30, 2022
The annual Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarships enable Australian artists to develop their artistic capacities and skills through a dedicated period of practice-based learning in an international educational institution. Each scholarship covers institutional fees for one academic year and costs for twelve months overseas, including a $70,000 (USD) tax-free allowance, airfares, travel, and medical insurance. Samstag Scholarships are administered by the University of South Australia through the Samstag Museum of Art on behalf of Gordon Samstag’s United States trustee, the Bank of America. Please visit the website for guidelines and to apply for the 2023 Scholarships;

L’AiR International Arts Research Residency
Applications close Thursday June 30, 2022
The L’AiR Arts Solo/Duo Residency at Atelier 11 in Montparnasse, Paris, France, is a multidisciplinary residency program providing artists and cultural professionals with the opportunity to realise artistic projects, undertake research, and develop new ideas, while building invaluable international networks. The program aims to foster cross-cultural exchanges and collaborations around the local art ecosystem, which includes Paris-based artists, scholars, curators, art critics, institutions, galleries, and their international counterparts. Residents will be able to connect with other visiting and local creative and professional practitioners, exchange ideas and skills, and present new work. Visit the website for more information about this exciting Paris-based residency;

artsACT Arts Activities Funding
Round One applications close Wednesday July 3, 2022, for activities commencing from Thursday December 1, 2022
Arts Activities funding is available across two categories: up to $5,000 for smaller projects (open all year round), and $5,000–$50,000 for larger projects (two rounds per year). Round Two opens annually on December 1 and closes February 28, with announcements made by May 30 for activities to commence from July 1). Funding is available to ACT-based artists working at all stages of their careers and to organisations providing the Canberra community with opportunities to engage in the arts. The program supports artists, groups, and arts organisations across a broad range of activities, including artform-based projects, mentorships, residencies, professional or skills development and opportunities for the community to actively engage in the arts. Activities can relate to dance, literature, music, theatre, visual arts, and cross-arts activities. Visit the website for details and to apply through the artsACT grants portal;

Aboriginal Arts Program
Applications close Monday July 4, 2022, for activities commencing after Thursday December 1, 2022
Arts Tasmania’s Aboriginal Arts Program supports art-based projects created by Aboriginal artists and organisations that stimulate contemporary, traditional, and non-traditional Aboriginal art forms and practice. The program provides opportunities for professional development through mentorships, fellowships and activities that demonstrate strong developmental content. Notifications will occur within ten weeks of the closing date. Eligibility guidelines and assessment criteria are available on the Arts Tasmania website;

Youth Arts Organisations
Applications close Monday July 4, 2022, for activities commencing after Thursday December 1, 2022
Organisations can apply for funds of up to $80,000 to support activities that will engage the minds of young people through arts and/or screen content. The program is for the development of activities that actively engage those aged 0–25 years, with a vision to encourage their creative skills while also enhancing social health and wellbeing. Arts Tasmania expects that artists are paid fairly for their work. Artist wages and fees should be included in all application budgets. Equipment cannot be covered by grant funds. For more information, visit the Arts Tasmania website;

Museums & Galleries of NSW Audience Development Fund
Applications close Monday July 18, 2022
Grants of up to $10,000 are available to public galleries in NSW to assist galleries to develop and trial new models for engaging audiences that will increase immediate and future attendance, access, and participation. Funds can be used for costs of the development and implementation of public or educational programs, provide seed funding to trial new models for public engagement and/or build new partnerships for audience development. Visit the website to download the 2022 guidelines and to apply;

Copyright Agency Cultural Fund
Round Two opens July and closes 1pm, September 26, 2022
The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund offers grants to leading Australian organisations for projects that deliver exceptional opportunities for Australian writers, journalists, editors, picture book illustrators, English and literacy teachers, visual artists, and key industry stakeholders in the writing, publishing, education, and visual arts sectors. Grants range from $5,000 to $25,000 per project/year. Visit the website for more detail about eligibility, to read the FAQs and lines for contact. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their application with the Cultural Fund before applying;

Artsbridge grants
October round opens Monday August 29, and closes Monday October 3, for activities beginning after Sunday January 1, 2023
Arts Tasmania’s Artsbridge grants are open to individual artists or artist groups who have lived in Tasmania for six of the last twelve months, Tasmanian-based arts, and cultural heritage organisations. Funds of up to $1,000 per artist, and up to $5,000 per group of four or more artists can be used for costs related to travelling in Tasmania, Australia or overseas for arts or cultural heritage activities or costs related to bringing professionals to Tasmania to deliver arts or cultural heritage activities. Equipment is not covered by grant funds. Grant funds can be used towards any other costs related to the proposed activity. Visit the website for more information, eligibility and to apply;

Anthology Cover Art Award
Entries close Monday October 31, 2022
Anthology is a magazine designed for the presentation of arts and culture, goods and services, travel, fine interiors, fashion, and beauty. The publication is calling for entries from artists for the Anthology Cover Award 2022. Established to foster and support both established and emerging visual artists and provide a platform for publication, the competition is open across genres, including painting, printmaking, mixed media, photography, and digital media. The winner will be awarded with a €500 cash prize, their artwork published on the cover of, and editorial coverage in, a future issue of Anthology, and a four-issue subscription to Anthology. Entry fees apply; visit the website to read more;

Regional Arts Victoria Quick Response Grants
Rounds are open on the first of every month and close on the last day of every month from February to November, 2022
The Regional Arts Fund is part of the Australian Government’s Arts and Cultural Development Program, which supports participation in and access to Australia’s arts and culture through developing and supporting cultural expression with Project Grants (closed for 2022) and Quick Response Grants. The Quick Response initiative offers up to $3,000 for Individuals, and $5,000 for organisations to support small arts projects, professional development for artists and arts workers, and community capacity building projects. Go online to read eligibility criteria and link to contact a funding advisor;

American Australian Association Arts Fund, Indigenous Scholarships
Applications all year round
The American-Australian Arts Fund (AAAF) provides support of up to $20,000 (US) to emerging Native American, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander artists to study or undertake artistic development in each other’s countries respectively. The American Australian Association awards more than 15 arts scholarships and grants per year to talented emerging artists. There are three scholarship categories: Nomad Two Worlds Indigenous Arts Scholarship (Both Directions), AAA Indigenous Arts Grant (AUS to USA only) and AAA Arts Fund (Both Directions). Full details are available by visiting the AAAF website.

ARIM – An Artist Residency in Motherhood
ARIM is a self-directed, open-source artist residency designed to empower and inspire artists who are also mothers. It is a cost-free and fully customisable program for any duration and offers a mentorship program as well. This is a unique international residency model designed to take place entirely inside your own home to fit in with everyday life. ARIM presents an opportunity to reframe parenthood as a valuable site for creative practice, rather than an obstruction to be overcome. Read more about how it began and how it works on ARAM’s website;

Arts and culture professional development grant
Open all year round until all funding has been allocated
The Northern Territory Government’s Arts and culture professional development grant offers up to $2,000 per year for eligible artists and arts workers for participation in specialist arts workshops, arts industry forums, national markets and showcasing events. Read more about eligibility and terms and conditions on the website. Applications can be submitted online via the GrantsNT portal.

Arts U-15k
Open all year round
The Arts U-15k program offers funding up to $15,000 for artists and creative industry professionals to deliver a one-off project or a program of activity. The program is designed to support the development and growth of a vibrant sector that promotes the participation and active engagement of Western Australian communities in exceptional arts and cultural experiences. There are three funding categories to choose from, including Aboriginal Arts, Commercial Development, and Creative Development. Arts U-15k is open to individuals, groups and organisations working across a diverse range of disciplines, including but not limited to; Community Arts and cultural development; Cross-art form; Dance; Design; Interactive arts content; Multi-arts festivals; performing arts, theatre, and visual art. Visit the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to read the program guidelines and to apply;

Arts Worker Internships
Applications open all year round
Arts workers looking for public art project experience, or to enhance their current skill set working in the arts in rural Australia, are invited to apply for the Arts Worker Internship roles at Broken Hill Arts Exchange. Six-month internship placements are offered for Project Team Administrators or Managers and during the placement period accommodation is provided at the Broken Hill Arts Exchange headquarters. Contact to introduce yourself and learn more.

Artback NT Touring Exhibition Program
The Artback NT Touring Exhibition Program focuses on touring quality visual arts exhibitions generated within the NT to audiences in remote, regional, and metropolitan locations nationally. Exhibitions may be fully resolved and ready to tour or may need development support to be tour ready. Proposals are invited from organisations, educational institutions, community groups, public galleries, independent curators, and artists. Expressions of Interest are accepted at any time and will be responded to within three weeks, at which time applicants may be invited to submit a more detailed proposal. Touring Exhibition Proposals are reviewed twice yearly in April and September. Please note this is not an application for funding. Successful proposals will be used to develop applications to seek funds to progress the touring project. Proposal guidelines are available on the website.

Australian Cultural Fund
The Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) is a fundraising platform for Australian artists. It is managed by Creative Partnerships Australia and was established by the Australian Government in 2003 to encourage donations to the arts. Through the ACF, artists upload their project, start their fundraising campaign, and invite art lovers and supporters to donate. Unlike all-or-nothing fundraising platforms, ACF artists set a fundraising goal; but if it’s not met, all donations are still considered. Donations over $2 are tax deductible, and supporters get the chance to make a real difference to the work of Australian artists. Visit the website for FAQs, to read the First Timer’s Kit, and register your campaign;

Bathurst Public Art Artist Register
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery invites artists to register their interest to participate in public art projects in the Bathurst region. The artist register aims to collect information which may be forwarded on to third parties such as residential and commercial property owners (for murals on public facing walls), Bathurst Regional Council (for festivals, events, street furniture etc), and other organisations developing public art projects. Go online to register;

BlackCat Gallery Exhibition Proposals 2022
BlackCat Gallery is currently seeking proposals for its 2022 exhibition program. Artists, curators and collectives working in all mediums are invited to apply to exhibit solo and group shows. Visit the website to find out about exhibition duration and costs.

Broken Hill Art Exchange Urban Art Program
The Broken Hill Art Exchange provides mediation between people or organisations interested in undertaking public or private projects in urban environments through the Urban Art Program. Expressions of interest are invited for the Wall Space project from anyone who has permission for a mural to be created on an external wall that is viewable to the public. And on the flip side, local and visiting mural and graffiti artists can submit applications for consideration to have their work featured on available wall spaces. Register by downloading the form on the Broken Hill Art Exchange website or email for more information.

City of Adelaide Quick Response Grants
The City of Adelaide Arts and Cultural Grants Program provides funding to eligible groups, organisations, and individuals for the delivery of creative arts and cultural projects for Adelaide – contributing to a welcoming and dynamic city full of rich and diverse experiences. Funding of up to $2,000 is available for projects including events, activities, performances, public artworks, and workshops. Visit the website for terms and conditions and to apply;

City of Ryde Artist Register
The City of Ryde invites individual artists, creative groups, and organisations from within the local community to join the Artist Register. The Artist Register is a resource composed and employed by Council to program local creatives in events and projects, share expressions of interest for artistic opportunities and facilitate sector networking, and is open to artists who live, work, study or play in the City of Ryde. Click the link above to go to the Art Register.

Collaborate: Outer Space ARI
Applications open year-round
Brisbane-based Outer Space ARI offers opportunities to freelance curators, arts organisations and creatives to use their space between programmed events and exhibitions, for ideas and projects of all sizes. Applications that focus on diversity, experimentation and innovation are encouraged, and all enquiries are subject to approval from the Outer Space programming committee. Outer Space is an equal opportunity organisation that hopes to contribute to the cultivation and incubation of a dynamic local art community. For further information, see the website;

Contemporary Arts Tasmania Proposals
Contemporary Arts Tasmania invite expressions of interest from professional contemporary artists and curators year-round. Submissions can be from individuals or groups, in any medium, and can be developmental in nature or involve a future body of work. Proposals for works to be presented in the gallery, off-site, online, around the building, or become part of the public program are welcome, alongside those, which are experimental in nature, contemporary in concept, and can demonstrate viability. Terms and conditions, eligibility, proposal requirements and contact details are available online.

Create NSW: Small Project Grants
Funding of between $500 to $5,000 is available to support the creation, development and presentation of new work and professional development or promotion for New South Wales-based professional artists and arts and cultural workers. Projects must be clearly defined arts and cultural activities and must not take place within three weeks following the date of your submission. See the website for more information, including application support resources.

Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program
The Western Australian Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and Lotterywest Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program provides $30,000 in funding for artists-in-residence projects that engage communities and are delivered in partnership with artists and either a local government authority, local school, not-for-profit community organisation or not-for-profit community services organisations. The funding round is open all year round, for projects that start at least 25 days after application submission. Visit the website for more information.

Creative Equity Toolkit
The Creative Equity Toolkit is an initiative of the British Council and Diversity Arts Australia which provides research and digital resources with the aim of increasing cultural diversity and racial equity in the creative sectors. The free toolkit features links to practical resources such as articles and videos, inspiring case studies and important research on increasing diversity. Various topics are covered such as stereotyping, cultural appropriation and unconscious bias. Check out the website for more information.

Creative Futures School Grants
Established to develop ‘design thinking’ skills and improve performance of both teachers and students across art and design studies, Creative Futures School Grants are accepting applications for the Curriculum Project and Materials Grant. The Grant supports the development of curriculum projects and/or classroom activities – such as the cost of materials and manufacturing to realise innovative projects that would advance teaching practice across school projects. Visit the website for more information and to apply.

Creative Hobart Grants
Applications ongoing
Creative Hobart supports cultural and creative programs that encourage community participation and attract cultural tourism through the Creative Hobart Grants scheme. Two grant categories provide funding for eligible organisations and groups to deliver one-off activities involving artists and communities in the creation, direction, and management of cultural projects within the Hobart municipal area. More information about eligibility can be found on the City of Hobart’s website Community pages.

Creative Partnerships Australia Free Coaching and Advice
Creative Partnerships Australia (CPA) is offering free one-on-one coaching and expert advice to artists and arts organisations covering topics of philanthropy, fundraising and development, and securing investment and partnerships. Appointments for coaching and advice services are free of charge and can take place in-person, over the phone or through digital communication channels. To arrange an appointment, visit CPA’s website and explore the resources pages for artists and organisations to access the Professional Development menu and the Coaching and advice portal to submit an enquiry via the contact form;

Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register
Arts Tasmania is calling for expressions of interest from people who are working or engaged within the arts and screen sectors to apply to join the Cultural and Creative Industries Expert Register. Arts Tasmania seeks a broad range of candidates across artforms, ages, cultural background and career stages, including artists, practitioners, administrators, and other sector professionals, and are currently interested in applicants who have expertise in the areas of Cultural Arts and Community Development. Successful applicants may be invited to join a panel to assess applications in support of Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania programs, but are under no obligation to participate if invited. Assessors are paid in accordance with Tasmanian Government guidelines. Visit Arts Tasmania’s Grants and Funding pages online for more information and to register your interest, or contact the organisation by calling (03) 6165-6666 or via email

Culture Map Live Artists, Designers and Creators
Northern Beaches Council have launched an innovative online mapping project, which aims to highlight the evolving and everchanging cultural and creative sector that exists on the Northern Beaches. A wide range of cultural and creative businesses, specialised designers, visual and performing artists, creators and makers, musicians, art in public places and much more are currently listed on the site. The platform is available to everyone and can be utilised as a resource to search for events, business, and cultural organisations, and as a tool for creatives business, events, studios, and the like, to be included on the map. Council will refresh the map as new businesses emerge, creative events develop, and public artworks are installed. Go online to explore Culture Map Live and to include a listing;

Emporium Creative Hub
Open now
Expressions of interest are invited from creators, academics, artists, policymakers, performers, and provocateurs with a commercial focus to join the team at Emporium Creative Hub (ECH) in pushing the boundaries on what a creative gathering can be, as part of Conflux. Conflux is a two-day program that will deliver thought-provoking conversations, informative workshops, and inspirational performance works while also fostering purposeful connections. The event is scheduled to take place on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 September. There are two main submission platforms; talk-based including keynote, panel, debate, Q&As, and discussions; and performance and installation-based submissions. ECH also offers in-person and virtual residencies, mentoring, workshops and more. Explore the website for details and to express your interest in Conflux. ECH is a creative space bringing together like-minded professional creatives, an initiative of Creative Victoria;

FELTspace Writers Program
Applications are open
FELTspace is calling for writers, text artists and practitioners to submit expressions of interest for the FELTspace Writers Program. Contributors will respond to FELTspace’s monthly exhibition program; experimental, critical and alternative forms of writing practice are welcomed. The program provides opportunities for writers to have their work published online and encourages critical discourse around the FELTspace exhibition program. The FELTspace team facilitate professional development and mentoring and work closely with selected writers to connect them with exhibiting artists. Writers can receive feedback and editorial assistance in the development of their pieces. A wide variety of approaches, including traditional critical arts writing, exhibition reviews, prose, experimental writing, poetry, and digital recording are invited. Go online for more information and to read works by past contributors;

First Nations Curators Program
Applications open all year round
Firstdraft supports an emerging Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander practitioner to present an exhibition at Firstdraft through the First Nations Curators Program designed to provide early-career curators with new skills, professional development and access to key industry networks. The Firstdraft board will work with the recipient to select a mentor of their choice. Recipients receive a $1,500 curatorial fee, $1,000 for artist fees, professional mentorship and the opportunity to develop a four-week exhibition and public program with access to Firstdraft’s resources.

fortyfivedownstairs – Exhibition Proposals 2022/ 2023
Artists, curators and galleries are invited to submit proposals for two and four-week exhibition projects for the end of 2022 (*limited availability) and the first half of 2023. fortyfivedownstairs is a leading not for profit contemporary exhibition space in Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, which shows both emerging and mid-career independent artists. Detailed information regarding the two gallery spaces, application process and costs can be found at;

Fremantle Arts Centre Residencies
Applications open all year
Home to 11 studios and a residential apartment, Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC) can accommodate a variety of disciplines and project requirements, for local, national and international artists. Individual artists, groups of artists, curators, writers and organisations can apply for a residency for the creation of new works, research, and practice development. Proposals are considered in relation to FAC’s other programming and studio availability. For more information and to apply, visit the website.

IGNITE: Gallery
Belco Arts, ACT welcomes local, regional, and interstate artists living with a disability to apply to exhibit at IGNITE: Gallery. IGNITE offers artists opportunity to create work for exhibitions, develop their arts practice through professional exhibition experiences, access affordable display options, and gain financial returns for their work. Visit the website to find out more and to submit a proposal.;

Kitchen Gallery Exhibition Opportunities
Applications open all year round
The Kitchen Gallery located at the Broken Hill Art Exchange Residences invites exhibition proposals from artists to exhibit works in any medium in the gallery space. Gallery hire is by application, which requires full details of the exhibition, including dates, description, images, and artist biography. No commission is taken by Broken Hill Art Exchange on sales. See the website for the application form and more information.

Museums & Galleries of NSW – Grants
Museums & Galleries of NSW (M&G NSW) offer support to cultural institutions to develop their programs and the visitor experience. M&G NSW assists with professional development, small grant funding and Aboriginal cultural development projects for small to medium galleries, museums and Aboriginal cultural centres in NSW, to enable them to maximise their impact and help create strong and thriving local communities. There are several grants on offer including Gallery and Volunteer Museum Grants, Fellowship and Mentoring Programs and much more.

NAVA Artists’ Benevolent Fund
The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) have renewed their Artists’ Benevolent Fund, which provides one-off payments of $2,000 to Australian visual artists in a state of crisis as a result of fire, flood, storm, serious illness, major accident, declared state or national emergencies, or some other unexpected catastrophic experience. As applicants will be seeking access to the Fund at the most difficult of times, the application process presents minimal burden to artists. To read the Terms and Conditions and application process, visit the website.

Regional Arts Development Fund – Activate Small Grants
The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), which is delivered by the City of Gold Coast in partnership with Arts Queensland offers funding to support a wide range of arts and cultural projects, artists and arts and cultural workers at all stages of their career. Active Small Grants offer up to $5,000 for individuals, organisations, and collectives seeking smaller levels of funding for arts and culture-based activities. More information is available on the City of Gold Coast website;

Playing Queensland Fund
Applications open all year round
The Playing Queensland Fund (PQF) supports the delivery of performing and visual arts projects by Queensland artists and organisations that are ready to tour and have demonstrated community interest and confirmed demand. The fund is designed to support touring arts and education activities, and artist in residence projects targeted at schools and kindergartens in regional Queensland. A component of the fund delivers outcomes under the Queensland Government’s Backing Indigenous Arts Initiative (BIA). Visit the Queensland Government website to read important information about available funds, eligibility and how to apply.

Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery Artist Studio Residency
Open all year round
Emerging and established artists are invited to submit proposals for two to four-week residencies for the development of artistic explorations in any theme and medium at Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery’s Artist in Residence / Project Space. The public space is designed for local artists to explore, collaborate, and showcase their creative skills in an interactive environment that will encourage audience interaction. Proposals must demonstrate a high level of technical skill, with consideration for the safe installation of works and engagement with audiences. Visit the website for more information and contact details;

Professional Development Fund Grant
Open all year round
The Northern Territory Arts Grant Program supported by Arts NT offers support for professional artists and arts workers in the Northern Territory to access development opportunities through the Professional Development Fund Grants. Applicants can apply for up to $2,000 per financial year. Supported activities include participation in specialist workshops and training, arts industry forums, national markets and showcasing events. Support for attending awards, ceremonies, exhibitions, and competitions
is not priority.

Public Art – Library Sculpture Plinth in 2022
Artists producing small scale 3D work are invited to apply to exhibit in Gallery Lane Cove & Creative Studios’ outdoor sculpture plinth in NSW 2066. Located in Library Square on Longueville Road, the Sculpture Plinth offers a position of high exposure within Lane Cove’s central foot traffic precinct. Exhibition spaces are available for 2022 for between 2 to 4 weeks. Applications are available online.

Queensland Arts Showcase Program
Applications accepted at any time
The Queensland Arts Showcase provides financial support to individuals, organisations, and collectives to deliver accessible arts and cultural experiences for Queensland. The funding is administered across three streams; Arts Ignite – funding of up to $80,000 for new works; Arts Illuminate – funding of up to $120,000 for presenting or working with acclaimed artists; and Arts Impact – funding of up to $80,000 for diverse arts and cultural experiences for Queensland. For guidelines, application forms and to apply, visit the website.

Sculptors Queensland Residency
Applications are open year round
Sculptors Queensland (SQ) is a not-for-profit organisation, which seeks to promote sculpture as an important cultural and creative expression. SQ invites applications for the Artist in Residence program, which is designed to facilitate the development of new work and to introduce participants to broader networks within Brisbane’s community and surroundings. Resident artists have access to SQ’s facilities for a period of three months, where they will present a range of public programs such as a forum, workshop, or exhibition. Visit the website for more information and to apply;

Tactile Arts 2022 Exhibition Program
Applications close Monday, October 11, 2022
Tactile Arts is seeking expressions of interest from artists and craftspeople for their 2022 Exhibition Program. Tactile Art Gallery is located on the grounds of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and runs an extensive exhibition program featuring artists and craftspeople across a wide range of media, including group and solo shows. Proposals are sought from experienced artists working across all visual arts media and disciplines, including but not limited to ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, weaving, photography, glass, and jewellery. Visit the website for more information and to apply;

Tactile Arts Workshop Proposals
Experienced artists working across a range of art, craft, and design practices, are invited to submit expressions of interest to run workshops in ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, weaving, photography, glass, and jewellery at Tactile Arts Studios in the Northern Territory. Contact information, as well as a link to a budget template, and submission forms are available online;

Tanks Arts Centre Residency Program
The Tanks Arts Centre Artist in Residence program has been developed to appeal to a range of arts practitioners working across visual art, music, writing, performance, multi-media, and community cultural development. Opportunities are offered for short and long-term projects, especially those that have a connection to or presentation outcome at Tanks Arts Centre. Applications are welcome from all parties, with no set application deadlines. The program invites creative ideas from local, national and international artists and community groups. Visit the website to download guidelines and application form;

Taslaska – Youth open call
Taslaska is an initiative between Alaska’s Anchorage Museum, Australian Big hART, arts and social justice organisation, and Tasmania’s Burnie Art Gallery, inviting youth aged 12-19 years to submit contributions for a virtual zine. Taslaska’s collective vision is for young people from Alaska and Tasmania to connect and share their own experiences of place and people. Submissions can be videos, photos, audio interviews, portraits, illustrations, animations, poems, maps, favourite places, or other portrayals of place. *Note: participants who submit are also agreeing to have their entries shared on social media and in the virtual zine. Send entries for the zine to with your name, age, city, and any statement you want to include, or share your work on your own social media platforms at any time, and tag #Taslaska. Contact Burnie Art Gallery via email: for more information, visit the gallery’s social media platforms, or go to Anchorage Museum’s website;

Tasmanian Residencies
The Tasmanian residency program is offered by Arts Tasmania in partnership with several wilderness, historic, and private artist residence sites across Tasmania. Depending on the site, residencies can be undertaken in blocks of one or two weeks at a time or all at once. Available locations change yearly, and available funds vary; please visit the grants portal on the website to find out more about what you can apply for and the list of current participating locations;

West Tamar Small Project Grants
Applications open all year round
West Tamar Council’s Small Project Grants respond to requests for funding throughout the year and provide an opportunity for new applicants to form a relationship with Council and gain an understanding of the grant process. Small Project Grants are assessed monthly and allow groups, and organisations who meet the selection criteria to gain access to small amounts of grant funding, up to $1,500. All potential applicants are encouraged to contact the Community Development Officer to provide a brief overview of their project. Please read the guidelines on the website thoroughly prior to submitting your application. Contact the Community Development Officer on (03) 6323-9200, if required.

Woden Arts Register
The Woden Arts Register, a directive of Woden Arts in the ACT, invites artists working across all art forms including, but not limited to musicians, visual artists, writers, and performers based in the Woden local area to join. Information provided to the register is used to share opportunities with local artists through the Woden Arts Program, and to identify artists suited to perform at events, participate in exhibitions, deliver workshops, or be involved in other arts activities;

HELP DESK: | PH: +612 8227 6486