Balancing Act: Our story is not one story, but many stories to share

‘Balancing Act’ presents works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists selected from the State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA). In response to a critic questioning the relevance of Aboriginal art with a political focus, AGWA Curator Indigenous Art, Carly Lane, aims to create a balance between traditional stories of Country, culture and identity, and truth telling. ‘With everything, we must strike a balance,’ she says. ‘In terms of balancing the stories and the artworks in the show, you can’t have one without the other.’

Julie Dowling, Money, Before pension day, 1999, synthetic polymer paint, ochre and mica gold on canvas, 107 × 83cm State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia. © Julie Dowling, 1999. Courtesy the artist and Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

Art Gallery of Western Australia
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