Art Almanac would like to thank its ever-growing creative community of contributors – arts writers, curators and artists, whose words assist in the curation of each issue – in print and online.

Meet our most recent contributors.


Dr Joseph Brennan
Joseph is an art critic, magazine editor and media scholar based in Far North Queensland.

Alice Dingle
Alice is a Sydney-based writer who has published work in Art Asia Pacific magazine and Art Almanac.

Jeremy Eccles
Jeremy is a specialist arts commentator who has been writing, broadcasting and filmmaking in Australia since 1983, with a special interest in Indigenous culture.

Sebastian Henry-Jones
Sebastian is an emerging curator living on unceded Gadigal land. Led by an interest in DIY thinking, he looks to centre the ideas and requirements of those that he works with, and so his practice is informed by striving for a personal ethics with sincerity, generosity, honest communication and learning at its core.

Dr Rod Pattenden
Dr Rod Pattenden is a curator and writer interested in the role of the arts in social justice, politics and spirituality.

Melissa Peša
Melissa is a Sydney-based art writer who has published work in Artist Profile, Art Almanac and produced catalogue texts for artists. She is also the Editor of Art Almanac.

Emma-Kate Wilson
Emma-Kate is a Sydney-based arts writer.


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Melissa Peša
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