Dai Li: Tale of ‘Small yet Great’

Sunshine Coast-based artist Dai Li primarily works in ceramics and watercolour, drawing from everyday life, evoking human emotional states, and questioning how they manifest externally and the mystery of how they arrived at this point.

Her intriguing artworks feature quirky, humorous, childish, although appealing characters. Gentle, idiosyncratic, and thought-provoking, her hand-built and painted stoneware figures and delicate paintings deliberately possess a sense of ambiguity yet familiarity, that enables an emotional exchange between maker and viewer. Here, Li expresses that the small things in life are actually quite significant.

Dai Li, Alice with sunglasses, Matilta with headscarf, Headphone no 1, 2024, glazed stoneware, various sizes. Courtesy the artist and Bett Gallery, Tasmania

Bett Gallery
16 February to 9 March 2024

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