DESIGN FRINGE 2023 > Speculation: Eight Billion Little Utopias

Patchwork, furniture design, AI-based works: Design Fringe’s 2023 curatorial theme opens space for design as imagination and provocation, not to solve problems or make products but to start conversations and prompt us to think about imaginary futures.

Jacky Cheng’s winning work, . . . that awaits at the end of life, 2023, reveals a sense of urgency in putting practices in place, caring for lost skills and upholding traditions. While making this work, important rites and repetitive rituals were carried out, inviting conversation for preparation, and commemorating the afterlife.

Jacky Cheng, . . . that awaits at the end of life, 2023, kozo papers, joss papers, paper pine, kibiso, hair and bonded nylon thread, dimensions variable. Photograph: Bo Wong, Courtesy the artist and Linden New Art, Melbourne

Linden New Art
23 September to 26 November 2023

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