Eden Unearthed 2022 | 35 sculptures across a 2.5-acre open-air gallery

Eden Unearthed: Art in the Gardens returns to Eden Gardens’ open-air gallery in Sydney’s Macquarie Park on 1 November 2022, with thirty-five sculptures ranging from sculptural pieces, textile to tactical works, interactive sound and light installations, on display across the 2.5-acre grounds.

“The successful submissions have responded not only to the wonderful gardens and used them as a muse for their works, but also to the pillars of sustainability and site responsiveness that the exhibition reflects,” said curator Meredith Kirton. All capture something exceptional and ephemeral about our environment, often utilising recycled materials and plant products.

Graham Forsyth, one of the three Eden Unearthed judges and honorary Associate Professor UNSW Arts and Social Sciences, said: “The works, often beautiful, sometimes whimsical, and always enchanting and stimulating, engage with Eden Gardens’ rich resources of spaces, nooks and ‘rooms’, using plinths made from trees, rocks, walls and water. The flow is both ways: the gardens and spaces allow the works of art to be enlivened and made rich with meaning, while the works support an idea
of the garden as green, living, fluid and complex.”

Eden Unearthed 2021, Jan Cleveringa, Listening to Trees: Eden. Photograph: Brian Rapsey

The other judges on the panel include Rae Bolotin, sculptor and Artistic Director of BigCi, and Allan Giddy, Founding Director of NOX Night Sculpture Walk and Director of the Environment at the Research Initiative for Art, UNSW. Together they have selected the following 2022 finalists: Allyson Adeney, Mark Booth, Mandy Burgess and Ro Murray, Pamelia Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana, Jan Cleveringa, Nicole De Mestre, Rmsina Daniel, Dale-myree Dal Santo, Mimi Dennett, Saskia Everingham, Gloria Florez, Christina Frank, Kristy Gordon, Mel Gras, Clare James, Wendy Joyce, Amanda Laing, Aaron Marsden, Emma Mattson, Ella McGaw, Gemma McKenzie, Ainslie Murray, Basilios Papaioannou, Belinda Piggott and Mary van den Berk, Douglas Schofield, Melissa Silk and Sueann Stanford, Jayanto Tan, Alison Thompson, Leanne Thompson, Andy Totman, Kathie Najar and Geraldo Zamproni.

Jan Cleveringa viewing his Eden Unearthed 2021 work titled Listening to Trees: Eden. Photograph: Brian Rapsey

In addition to the exhibition, all works are in the running for the annual sculpture prize comprising a $10,000 first prize, a $1,000 People’s Choice Award, and a $500 Accessibility Award.

Furthermore, artists living with a disability will also showcase some of their Garden Dwellers throughout the exhibition, and the students from Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets will participate in creating a work.

Eden Gardens’ public program includes a series of workshops, talks and other events. More information online.


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