Ella Barclay: I Had To Do It

Ella Barclay considers the nature of one’s encounters with technology; our connectivity, dependence and the demise of altruistic techno-utopianism, as well as the parallel disconnect of the physicality of computer systems.

“In making these messy sculptures, I’m scratching at what sparks the drive we have as humans to design the tools that we make,” notes Barclay. “In this rests a kind of Promethean paradox – our enduring attempts to make autonomous things and an inevitable disgust or shock at how these things turn out.”

The viewer will make their way along a fixed trajectory, dropping in and out of small rooms within the gallery space, encountering video installation, electronics, drawing and text, looped sound and billowing mist.


Ella Barclay, Mystic Heuristics III


UTS Gallery
Until 25 November, 2016

Mystic Heuristics III, That Which Cannot Not Be, 2016, acrylic, neon, glass, enamel, copper, ink on cotton rag
Courtesy the artist and UTS Gallery, Sydney