God in Reverse: Art, Architecture and Consciousness: Richard Goodwin

God in Reverse: Art, Architecture and Consciousness
Richard Goodwin, Author and Sean Hogan, Design
Uro Publications

Richard Goodwin’s preoccupation with the delineations between art, architecture and urbanism means that, to our delight, he does not walk the line. In this title, the artist, architect and urban activist is also author and coupled with the incisive design of Sean Hogan, has produced an unorthodox monograph of an ongoing 42 years of practice. From the outset, and indeed even in the title, ‘God in Reverse’, presents as a book where fact meets imagination resulting in, as Goodwin writes on his Porosity research, ‘from a state of disorientation, new perceptions about city spaces are made.’ With innovative ideas and the, at times dizzying, asymmetry of its presentation, one cannot help but constantly re-align feeling and comprehension when leafing through this complex tome.


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