Going Home

A year of lockdowns and various restrictions have forced us to redefine our idea of ‘home’; not only as a space to work, rest and play but also as a place of safety and security amid unpredictable times.

For ‘Going Home’, the works of six artists – Kate Ballis, Paul Davies, Eliza Gosse, Katherine Hattam, Noel Mckenna, and Elvis Richardson – depict the interior and exterior view of homes from the mid-century modernist residence to the quintessential Queenslander. Serene garden landscapes, kidney-shaped pools and colour-drenched backyards provide a luxurious refuge, while other works deal with more pressing matters such as housing affordability.

Kate Ballis, Palm Baum, 2018, archival print, 103 × 153cm. Courtesy the artist and Hugo Michell Gallery, South Australia

Hugo Michell Gallery
24 June to 24 July 2021
South Australia

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