Mathieu Briand: Et In Libertalia Ego, Vol. II

It’s only fitting that Briand – an artist who once swam from one small Madagascan island to another, in an attempt to find and create a utopian creative paradise – should bring his work to MONA Museum of Old and New Art. The gallery is, after all, tethered to the Apple Isle, cast off from mainland Australia and mired in its own dark history of colonialism. While his hopes of a contemporary art safe-haven were dashed when he found out the island was already inhibited by a Malagasy family who were puzzled by his artwork, thinking it was black magic, his quest continues and he draws from the experience for his work.

Briand will also stage a three-day exhibition in his studio on the Madagascan island and will publish an artist’s book narrating the story of the project as it continues to unfold.

Mathieu Briand, Et In Libertalia Ego, Vol. II,

MONA Museum of Old and New Art
Until 11 July, 2016

Et In Libertalia Ego, Vol. II, installation view
Photograph: MONA/Rémi Chauvin
Courtesy the artist and MONA Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania

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