Memphis Now

Here, six contemporary artists capture the spirit of the 1980s design movement known as Memphis, which challenged conventional notions of design and good taste. Memphis celebrated artistic freedom through a bold, loud, and sometimes jarring aesthetic, with glass, printmaking, and furniture playing important roles. Crossing these disciplines, Judi Elliott, Drew Spangenberg, April Phillips, Kate Banazi, Ham Darroch, and Gibson pay homage to this groundbreaking movement, embracing bold geometric forms, vibrant colour palettes, and innovative materials to explore emotional and physical responses evoked by space, function, pattern, and light.

April Phillips, Smoosh Bowl, 2023, blown glass. Photograph: Brenton McGeachie for Canberra Glassworks. Courtesy the artist and Canberra Glassworks, Australian Capital Territory

Canberra Glassworks
19 October to 17 December 2023
Australian Capital Territory

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