Paul Davies: Memory Lens

For Memory Lens, Paul Davies draws together work that explores, with his characteristic painted and collaged aesthetic, images that capture his memory and perceptions as a resident of Los Angeles (2014–19) and, more recently, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (2019–21).

Architecture is always a touchstone in his practice; in these vibrantly coloured abstract images, the patterned and organic embrace of the natural environment overshadows the straight lines and curved shapes of modernist houses.

Paul Davies, Untitled 4, 2023, acrylic on linen, 91.5 x 122cm (framed). Courtesy the artist and Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane

Davies’ most recent work echoes the increasingly impersonal digital experiences made possible through AI technology. Yet the painstaking construction method he has developed by hand imbues them with the layers of memory and intensity only available through the handmade. His intuitive approach to their painterly construction “mirrors the way we modify images to construct our recollections.”

Jan Murphy Gallery
21 November to 9 December 2023

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