R & M McGivern Art Prize 2016 Finalists

Awarded every three years, the 2016 R & M McGivern Art Prize is back and bolder with this year’s theme of ‘TEXT’ – from pop interpretations on the subject and paintings that pay homage to the impending obsolescence of the written word, to works that highlight our ever increasing reliance on technology.

Twenty-seven finalists are in the running for the prestigious $25,000 R & M McGivern Prize for 2016 with outstanding artworks ranging in oil, gouache, acrylic and watercolour.

This year attracted outstanding entries from more than 200 highly respected emerging, mid-career and established artists from Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Tasmania.

Given the rapid developments in the way we communicate, it is timely to consider the role of text in art. And as Muriel McGivern, benefactor of the award, was both a published author and practising artist, it’s apt that this year’s theme harnesses the power of the painted word.

The pre-selection judging panel consisted of eminent experts Lisa Byrne (Curator, ArtSpace at Realm), Charlotte Day (Director Monash University Art Museum) and Helen Hughes (Research Curator Monash University Art Museum), who noted: “The entries reflected a diversity of cultural and artistic influences. It was exciting to receive a range of entries that evidenced a strong commitment to social justice and reflection on the ways in which globalisation impacts communication’’.

The winner of the R & M McGivern Art Prize for 2016 will be judged by Victoria Lynn, Director of the Tarrawarra Museum of Art and announced at the opening of the finalists’ exhibition on Friday 16 September at Melbourne’s ArtSpace at Realm.

Sandra Eterovic, #readmymind

2016 R & M McGivern Prize Finalists:

Vernon Ah Kee (QLD), Benjamin Aitken (VIC), Robert Andrew (QLD), Peter Atkins (VIC), Chris Bond (VIC), Angela Brennan (VIC), Janet Burchill (VIC), Jon Campbell (VIC), Evelyn Coleman (VIC), Sarah crowEST (VIC), Kate Daw (VIC), Sandra Eterovic (VIC), Christine Fontana (VIC), Gavin Fry (NSW), Katherine Hattam (VIC), Rachael Haynes (QLD), Gordon Hookey (QLD), Peter James Smith (VIC), Alice Lang (QLD), Dane Lovett (VIC), Daniel McKewen (QLD), Ilya Milstein (VIC), Rose Nolan (VIC), Elizabeth Newman (VIC), Kenny Pittock (VIC), TextaQueen (VIC) and Alan Young (TAS).



Sandra Eterovic, #readmymind, 2016, acrylic on wood, 90 x 60cm
Courtesy of the artist

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