Rituals and Methods

Curated by Rhonda Davis and Lisa Jones, Rituals & Methods brings together the works of Lynne Eastaway, Nicole Ellis and Pollyxenia Joannou, established artists who share the ritualisation of what it is to layer, to fold, to disassemble and reassemble in making works that distill the experiences and sensations of their interactions with the world.

At various points the rituals and methods adopted by each artist intertwine in colour, pattern, form, tone and temperament. Their works show abstraction that lends meaning to the artists’ encounters of history, memory, place, family and home, and that sets their works apart from formalist abstraction.

Lynne Eastaway Folded Blue and Earth Red, 2015–16, acrylic gouache on Belgium linen on timber box, size various. Courtesy the artist and Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, Sydney

Grace Cossington Smith Gallery
10 November to 14 December 2023

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