Sculpture Classes

Day, Evening and Saturday classes available

To request information contact: or
Alternatively please contact Mark Henry: 0407 509 758.

The Foundry Sculpture School offers an exciting opportunity to be involved in training not commonly available outside tertiary study; students of all levels may gain experience in life modeling, mould making, and bronze casting.

Sculpture classes at The Foundry Sculpture School provide an environment for hands on training in the processes and techniques to enable you to produce unique sculptures in a large foundry setting.

This is an intensive course that allows students to set their own goals; with scope to develop their work into more complex forms should they choose to continue into the next term.


A variety of classes are available; including life modeling, and open studio. Life modeling caters for students of all levels of experience seeking to develop their modeling and observation skills. The small class size enables lively discussion about the fundamentals of sculpture, and students are encouraged to develop their creative potential within the limits of the medium.

Classes run Wednesday afternoon, Thursday evening and Saturday mornings and are limited to 12 students. Thursday evening and Saturday morning classes work from the life model in clay and each individual is encouraged to negotiate the scale that best suites them.

Mould making intensives will be available when required at the conclusion of each life modeling project. Students can then use the mould in subsequent terms to translate their work into bronze or alternative material.

Wednesday afternoon classes: 11.30 am till 2.30pm offers an open studio setting which provides an opportunity for students wishing to explore their individual aesthetic language in a variety of mediums with the assistance of the tutor.

The instructor Mark Henry’s involvement in the production of sculpture spans more than 40 years; his teaching technique enables you to develop your unique aesthetic language, encouraging your ability to ‘see’ and explore your unique creative expression.

Prospective students should make contact in order to find the right class to suit their needs and existing skills. Beginners are welcome in each setting and students are expected to set their own limits while being encouraged to extend their capacities.

A mould making and bronze casting service is available should students choose to be involved solely in the production of their original art works.

To request further information contact: or
Alternatively please contact Mark Henry: 0407 509 758. 

January intensive:

Immersed in sculpture: six days from your concept to bronze.

14th to 16th January 10.00am till 4.30pm

21st to 23rd January 10.00am till 4.30pm

Students will gain experience in this hands on environment in all aspects of the processes while taking their ideas from design and implementation through to casting their unique sculpture in bronze.

Classes January to July 2016:

Term one:

Wednesday afternoon 27th   January to 16th March

Thursday evening 28th   January to 17th March

Saturday morning 30th   January to 19th March

Term two:

Wednesday afternoon 30th   March to 18th May

Thursday evening 31st March to 19th May

Saturday Morning 2nd April 21st May

Term three:

Wednesday afternoon 1st June to 20th July

Thursday evening 2nd June to 21st July

Saturday Morning 4th June to 23rd July

Wednesday – Classes 11.30am till 2.30pm

Introduction to Sculpture studio practices / general sculpture: A foundational program incorporating modeling mould making and casting materials & techniques.

Thursday  Classes 5.30pm till 8.30pm
Life modeling classes for students with some experience seeking to explore and develop skills modeling from life working with clay, one project each term, beginners welcome.

Upon the duration of each life modeling term or in the final weeks of that term a mould making intensive will be offered in order that students may translate their clay work into a more permanent material, using plaster mould making techniques.

This may be as an adjunct to the term, students not wanting to continue beyond mould making may pay on a pro-rata basis for the duration of the project.

Saturday – Classes 9.30am till 12.30pm
Life modeling projects in clay, for students interested in producing sculpture at a more professional level.

Due to issues of scale and complexity it is anticipated that this life modeling project will run till 7th May: approximately 35 hours with the model and be followed by mould making and bronze casting intensives.

Students not wishing to be involved in the mould making and bronze casting process may choose to engage our services.

The intensives will run 9.30am till 4.00pm, Saturday intensives fees payment will be adjusted to accommodate the increased hours class time accordingly.

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Payment is required prior to commencement of each term; a materials levy when relevant will be on a term by term basis and is not included in other fees paid. Term fees $575 including GST.

If a student is unable to complete the course before the 2nd week a refunded for the remaining weeks of the course is available.

Life models fees are recovered from students each session and tea and coffee is provided.

Cash deposit or direct transfer is required by the week prior to the commencment of each term, students may pay by cheque to Mark Henry PO Box 83 Lower Plenty vic 3093.

Classes may be cancelled where insufficient enrolments occur: minimum 6 students and enrolment fees will be refunded; maximun of 12 students per class.

Material costs are not covered in tuition fees and must be paid prior to commencement terms. Depending on the scope of the individual project, additional costs may be incurred during the course of the term. Students must supply their own hand tools, the tutor will advise what tools may be necessary. Students also learn from each other during the course, so you may discover that you want to try different tools during the process.

Students are responsible to ensure their own safety, including using and maintaining their own safety wear when appropriate: leather gloves, respirator, earmuffs, safety glasses and protective footwear (no sandals or thongs), no loose clothing, and long hair must be tied back.

Students may arrive five minutes before classes commence, all students are expected to assist with tidying up five minutes before the end of each session.

Students must not endanger the safety or enjoyment of another, and students are required to follow the instructions of the tutor.

Termination of student enrolment remains at the discretion of the tutor. Parental permission is required in writing for minors wishing to attend life modeling classes. All students must sign and complete the enrolment form prior to commencing.