Australian Galleries | Michael Fitzjames

Michael Fitzjames, Goodhope Hill, 2019, pencil and oil on linen, 61 x 76cm; AG309390. Courtesy the artist and Australian Galleries, Sydney

Australian Galleries

Michael Fitzjames is highly skilled with his brushwork, using minimal amounts of pigment to convey the grandeur and complexity of the landscapes he reveres. Fitzjames first sketches with pencil onto linen, then applies layers of golden, blueish or grey pigment to set the mood and tone of the painting. Rolling hillsides, weathered rock formations, plateaus, valleys, trees and expansive skies are then painted in, through gestural brushstrokes and captivating colour harmonies. The artist lightly builds layer upon layer to create a palimpsest where his early marks in pencil remain visible, echoing the intricate elements which coalesce to form these magnificent landscapes.


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