An artist-owned, not-for-profit organisation highlighting the work of leading Western Australian contemporary artists through a program of exhibitions, events, and publishing, Art Collective WA is celebrating its first decade of operation with TEN, an exhibition showcasing the achievements of its thirty-six member artists, and illustrating the richness of contemporary art practice in the State.

Featuring new works, including painting, sculpture, and photography, the exhibition includes Giles Hohnen’s colour-saturated abstract paintings, Brad Rimmer’s evocative landscape photographs, and Olga Cironis’ socially-charged sculptures made from found materials, among many others.

George Haynes, Dome Dancing, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 96.5 × 116cm. Courtesy the artist and Art Collective WA, Perth

Artists include: Merrick Belyea, Cathy Blanchflower, Paul Caporn, Olga Cironis, Jennifer Cochrane, Penny Coss, Rebecca Dagnall, Jo Darbyshire, Stuart Elliott, Sarah Elson, George Haynes, Giles Hohnen, Chris Hopewell, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Theo Koning, Eveline Kotai, Joanna Lamb, Andre Lipscombe, Jane Martin, Minaxi May, Antony Muia, Andrew Nicholls, Brad Rimmer, Kevin Robertson, Susan Roux, Vanessa Russ, Helen Smith, Alex Spremberg, Angela Stewart, Jon Tarry, Michele Theunissen, Paul Uhlmann, Trevor Vickers, Toni Wilkinson, Tony Windberg, and Jurek Wybraniec.

Holmes à Court Gallery at Vasse Felix
24 September 2023 to 21 January 2024
Western Australia

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