The View From Here

One moment. More than two hundred perspectives. Over three hundred artworks. The largest-ever exhibition of Western Australian art, ‘The View From Here’ celebrates art, culture, and creativity, presenting 30 major new commissions, exhibitions, and acquisitions by leading Western Australian artists and creatives at the Art Gallery of Western Australia from 6 November 2021.

‘The View From Here’ captures the perspectives of a diverse group of artists, from the State’s renowned and iconic western desert and Kimberley artists to emerging artists – many from non-traditional arts backgrounds – to established Western Australian artists working here and elsewhere.

Tarryn Gill, Limber 1 (detail), 2020, mixed media (hand-stitched Lycra, EPE foam and fibre fill, artificial eyes, steel), 110 × 370 × 125cm State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia, purchased through the Art Gallery of Western Australia Foundation: TomorrowFund, 2021. Photograph: Pixel Poetry. Courtesy the artist and Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

Full list of participating artists: Abdul Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Agnes Yamboong Armstrong, Alan Muller, Alex Spremberg, Alysha Taylor, Amanda Bell, Anawari Inpiti Mitchell, Angelina Guluwulla Karadada Boona, Angelina Woods, Angilya Mitchell, Bob Gibson, Brenda L Croft, Brian Blanchflower, Bruno Booth, Bugai Whyoulter, Christopher Pease, Corban Clause Williams, Cynthia Burke, Daisy Helen Tjupantarri Ward, Dallas Fletcher, Danielle Freakley, Donny Nyorna Woolagoodja, Dora Parker, Elise Blumann, Erin Coates, Ethel (Narelle) Kanpatja Holland, Eveline Kotai, Fiona Harman, Fred Ward, Garry Sibosado, George (Hairbrush) Tjungurrayi, Helen Smith, Helicopter Joey Tjungurrayi, Holly Yoshida, Isaac Garang, Ivy Laidlaw, Jack Ball, Jakayu Biljabu, Janet Dreamer, Janine Samson, Jennifer Mintaya Connelly, Joanna Lamb, Jo Darbyshire, John Prince Siddon, John Teschendorff, Judith Yinyika Chambers, Julianne Clifford, Julie Dowling, Julie Porter, Joyce Winsley, Jurek Wybraniec, Kate McMillan, Kathleen Kanta Donnegan, Katjarra Butler, Kevin Ballantine, Kevin Robertson, Kittey Ngyalgarri Malarvie, Kristabell Porter, La La (Sophia) Brown, Lalla West, Laurel Nannup, Lawrence Pennington, Lily Jatarr Long, Lorraine Davies, Luel de Kuék, Lucy Loomoo, Lucy Yukenbarri, Mary Gibson, Max Pam, Mervyn Street, Michele Theunissen, Mike Shime, Minnie Lumai, Miriam Stannage, Muuki Taylor, Myrtle Pennington, Nancy Carnegie, Nancy Chapman, Nathan Beard, Ned Grant, Neville Niypula McArthur, Ngalpingka Simms, Ngarralja Tommy May, Nora Nungabar, Nora Wompi, Noreen Parke, Pamela Hogan, Patrick Mung Mung, Peggy Griffiths, Peter Farmer, Phyllis (Booljoonngali) Thomas, Pilar Mata Dupont, Rammey Ramsey, Revel Cooper, Reynold Hart, Rodney Glick, Rohin (Dushong) Kickett, Saleheh Gholami, Sandra Hill, Sarah Bahbah, Shane Pickett, Sharyn Eagan, Spinifex Women’s Collaborative, Tamisha Williams, Tarryn Gill, Tim Meakins, Timo Hogan, Tjawina Porter, Tjyllyungoo Lance Chadd, Tracey Simms, Trevor Bly, Trevor Richards, Tyrown Waigana, Violet Samson, Wade Taylor, Waringarri Aboriginal Artists, Wendy Nanji, Wokka Taylor, Yabini Kickett, Yok & Sheryo, and 100 Vandals Artists.

Highlights include: Tim Meakins’ giant 3D-printed sculptures of weightlifters, posers and grinning weights offer a playful interpretation of modern fitness culture and will occupy AGWA’s new interior rooftop gallery; Bruno Booth’s ‘Adidas’-wearing cats appearing in unexpected places, the new rooftop commission by Christopher Pease, and recent works by Abdul Abdullah, Ngarralja Tommy May, Yok & Sheryo, Danielle Freakley, Tyrown Waigana and Tarryn Gill.

Also, ‘Collective Ground’, created from the AGWA Foundation’s $1.5m artist stimulus package provided in response to COVID-19, will present some 60 works from over 120 acquired from Aboriginal Art Centres and Aboriginal artists across Western Australia. ‘Collective Ground’ will be shown for a limited time but will return in 2022 for an extended period as part of a larger whole-of-gallery First Nation’s exhibition event.

Art Gallery of Western Australia
From 6 November 2021