Liam Fleming wins the 2023 Tom Malone Glass Art Prize

The $20,000 Tom Malone Glass Art Prize highlights the beauty and versatility of glass as a sculptural medium and shines a light on the technical and innovative skills of artists working in the field.

Art Almanac congratulates Adelaide-based artist Liam Fleming on winning the 2023 Tom Malone Glass Art Prize for his work Transitory Form #8, 2023.

Liam Fleming, Transitory Form #8, 2023, mould blown glass, coldworked, fused and slumped, 41 × 53 × 37cm

“Form is a constant enigma. There is something relieving and redeeming to let go of control in the making. The processes of testing, experimentation and analysis are more than a means to an end, combing repetitive elements into a singular work highlights the relationship between the individual components and the whole. Transitory Form #8 grants the material agency.”

– Liam Fleming

Of the winning work, judges Richard Whitley and Robert Cook, said:

“. . . Fleming’s work just seemed so naturally ambitious and right in form and concept; it conveyed a fully-formed vision that provocatively retained a highly active, fluid spirit. And so, while it its (paradoxical) angular organicism could be located against the work of sculptors like Clement Meadmore or Barbara Hepworth, it doesn’t look back. Its true cultural reference points feel yet to be made. This expression of a forward-facing sensibility relies, of course, on incredible technical finesse. Indeed, the drama of its making is somehow still occurring in front of our eyes as the compressed and barely balanced shapes and sections suggest that might yet morph into another alignment. Here, Fleming brilliantly performs and sublimates his technical approach in the service of a vision that animates the essential enigma of life itself. A terrifically satisfying winner, accompanied by exceptional rivals all worthy of their own prizes!”

Liam Fleming with works

The following twenty-three finalists were selected for their innovative, dynamic works: Cheryl Edwards, Jarred Wright, Brenda Page, Nick Mount, Lee Howes, Tom Moore, Jordan Benson, Kevin Gordon, Jessica Loughlin, Estelle Dean, Scott Chaseling, Clare Belfrage, Ruth Allen, Holly Grace, Anne Clifton, Bailey Donovan, Hannah Gason, Edols & Elliott, Peter Nilsson, Annette Blair, Liam Fleming, Jessica Murtagh, and Kristel Britcher.

The 2023 Tom Malone Glass Art Prize finalist exhibition is currently on view at Linton & Kay Galleries, West Perth until 28 April 2024.

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