Post Office Gallery | Graeme Drendel: The Messengers

Graeme Drendel, Trance, 2019, oil on canvas, 197 x 183cm. Courtesy the artist and Australian Galleries, Melbourne

Post Office Gallery, School of Arts

An alumnus of Federation University, Graeme Drendel has gained broad recognition for his highly accomplished hand in drawing and painting and his particularly intelligent observation and portrayal of life and the human condition.

In ‘The Messengers’,  Drendel presents his intriguing vignettes for which the artist is well known and celebrated – his subjects and characters, on the one hand, puzzling and perplexing and on the other mystical and surreal. Alone or in pairs, Drendel’s characters appear preoccupied, stilled within the vast open landscape surrounded by the darkness and emptiness beyond.


Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the exhibition