Where Delusion Meets the Sun

Curated by James Drinkwater, Where Delusion Meets the Sun features work by American painter and filmmaker Julian Schnabel, who transformed painting with his use of objet trouvé and chance-based processes, and Australian artists Lottie Consalvo and Wayne Magrin, exploring themes of deviancy, defiance, escapism, fantasy and their connection to spaces and processes of incarceration and demarcation. Consalvo’s new video piece, La Femme, delves into historical and mystical associations between femininity, nature, and the sacred. Magrin captures scenes infused with folklore and fantasy, often drawing inspiration from his vibrant imagination.

Wayne Magrin, Do you want to know a secret, 2024, oil on board, 243 × 213cm. Courtesy the artist and The Lock-Up, New South Wales

The Lock-Up
10 May to 7 July 2024
New South Wales

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