Yevgeniya Baras: Invisible Line

The surfaces of Yevgeniya Baras’ constructed canvases are built up in accumulated layers of mark making with found and foraged substances incorporated into oil paint. Materials including wood, paper pulp, personal talismans, objects from her life or items of old clothing and bedsheets are embedded into the surface, building up the landscape of the painting and creating an archaeology of personal histories while Cyrillic or Latin text spell out cryptic messages. Together, the forms are at times suggestive of landscapes, cityscapes or celestial maps, but are at other times inscrutable.

Yevgeniya Baras, Untitled, 2015-19, oil, wood and paper pulp on canvas, 66. x 81.3cm. Courtesy the artist and STATION, Sydney

12 December 2020 to 6 February 2021