4A x World Square Artist Residency Program

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art has partnered with World Square Sydney to create a new artist-in-residence program inside the World Square buildings and facilities. Artist Jason Phu will be working out of a new 4A x World Square artist studio for the next six months, producing major works including those for 4A’s ‘The Burrangong Affray’ – an exhibition tracing the events and repercussions of the period of civil disobedience in the goldfields of Burrangong, New South Wales, between November 1860 and September 1861.

Artist Jason Phu. Photograph: Leah Jing

Curated by Micheal Do and Mikala Tai, the exhibition involving Phu and John Young Zerunge, is set to open Thursday 28 June and will run until 12 August 2018. ‘The Burrangong Affray’ is the second iteration of a two-part exhibition project. The first was realised in Young, New South Wales, in April 2018.


2018 4A Beijing Studio Residents