Castlemaine State Festival 2021

The ‘Castlemaine State Festival’ celebrates the diverse cultural and creative landscape of Central Victoria with an action-packed program of visual art, music, film, talks, workshops, open studios and performance, across a series of livestreamed events and art spaces from Castlemaine to Bendigo, from 19 March to 4 April.

Brodie Murray, Soul of Possum. Photograph: Jess Boylan. Courtesy the artist and Castlemaine State Festival, Victoria

Themes of renewal, ancient knowledge, the environment, the collective conscious, healing and community ruminate throughout the festival, such as in; ‘Soul of Possum’ an historical live reading by Wamba Wamba man, Brodie Murray, [MP1]Digitilly and Tuska Boy’s reflections on transformational experiences, identity and human connection, and Helen Mathwin and Hermione Merry’s ‘dogged determination, the shedding of outer skin, a return to the real, to the dirt, to the self and to each other’ in ‘There is No Shame in Delight’.