Head On Portrait Prize finalist Jonathan May presents ‘Awake’

Award-winning Australian photographer and finalist in the prestigious Head On Photo Festival Portrait Prize Jonathan May presents a powerful solo exhibition titled ‘Awake’ at Queen Street Gallery, Woollahra.

Having recently returned from six months in Africa, May’s work draws on his experiences documenting various projects for President Alassane Ouattara in the Ivory Coast, Prime Minister Raila Odinga in Kenya, and the Criminal Investigation Division in Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Botswana and South Africa.

May says he was drawn to the vast and beautiful culture and history of Africa and uses his work to reveal parts of the culture that are rarely seen or celebrated in the western world.

“My aim is to shed the West’s misshapen image of Africa, leaned through photojournalism and one-dimensional tourist images, and penetrate the rugged, unforgiving landscape to capture its warmth and vibrant cultures,” said May.

Also exhibiting is May’s internationally acclaimed blind series ‘Thika’, which highlights the struggles of blind and vision impaired children at a small African school in Nairobi motivated to help, May is currently establishing a not-for-profit organisation to provide much-needed support for the vision impaired students by providing access to essential healthcare and education.


Queens Street Gallery
Official Opening: Wednesday May 22, 6pm
Until May 27, 2013

Images: © Jonathan May