‘LOVE’ investigates the most common and visceral of all shared human experiences

The first day of summer at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum is celebrated with stories of love – a universal concept that we embrace in many ways. ‘Love’ wraps itself in friendship, desire, devotion and romance and nurtures pain and heartache. From 1 December the Museum morphs into an intimate storytelling ‘love seat’ exploring expressions of love through personal items, shared experiences and commissioned artworks. The audience is invited to wander through the space with a digital guide accompanied by a musical soundtrack, moving through to purpose-built ‘love shacks’ then leave their own impressions of love at the Heart Garden installation. Works from the Heide Museum of Modern Art Collection, and a sparkling performance work by The Huxleys, complement the exhibition. Concludes 28 April 2019.

The Huxleys, 2018, digital image. Courtesy the artists and Museums Victoria, Melbourne