Sam Heydt: Seismographs Series

Heydt’s work continuously examines different phenomenology of our increasingly fractured social landscape. Her interests lie in the mutability of history and the material inequalities of a world increasingly defined by patterns of peace, war and economic stratification.

With the ‘Seismographs’ series, Heydt examines society’s structure through language. Ideologically encoded through the use of semiotics, advertisements posit meaning through the relational system of signs. Ultimately, these binaries confirm the complicities of the medium and dismiss the fragile argument that photography is merely a tool of mimesis.

Noella Lopez Gallery
Through March, 2015

Packaged Capabilities, ‘Seismographs series’, 2014, photograph, pigment print, face-mounted on acrylic, 100 x 150 x 4cm. Ed. of 4
Courtesy the artist and Noella Lopez Gallery