4A Members’ Program – Sydney ARI Tour

On Saturday 18 May, to coincide with the exhibition In Possible Worlds, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art coordinated a series of talks with the Directors of numerous Artist Run Initiatives in Sydney – MOP, Firstdraft, and Chalk Horse. This specific members’ exclusive event was aimed at providing emerging artists, curators and arts writers and those interested with valuable insight into the various opportunities and avenues that exist to gain further exposure and build confidence as an emerging practitioner.

The exhibition In Possible Worlds brings together a selection of recent works by Australian artists Elly Kent, Claudia Nicholson, and Tianli Zu.

Touching on themes of intimacy, dislocation, violence and the pleasures of ordinary life, In Possible Worlds encourages us to question the concrete reality of visual fact when faced with shifting realms of meaning beneath the surface of things. Engaging with the material qualities of forms and imagery enables a process of exchange and negotiation that opens up possibilities of seeing the world in different ways.

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In Possible Worlds
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
Until 8 June, 2013


4A Members’ Program, 2013 Sydney ARI tour (top to bottom):
Chalk Horse, Firstdraft and MOP Projects