Evidence of Scale

Artists Alick Sweet, Dean Rusling, David Paulson, Michael Eather, Phil Gordon and artists from Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre, exhibit handmade sculptures in ‘Evidence of Scale’, inspired by culture and the environment.

From sea creatures made of Ghost nets to wombats, wild boar, and crabs that live in muddy mangroves, to the grotesque and fragmented relief portraits by Paulson, the exhibition ‘is full of surprises with a diversity of mediums and attitudes towards materiality and conceptual play,’ says gallery Director, Michael Eather.

Michael Norman with his Mud crab sculpture, 2018, Ghost net, twine, rope and wire, 110 × 200 × 220cm. Photograph: Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre. Courtesy the artist, Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre, Queensland and FireWorks Gallery, Queensland

FireWorks Gallery
22 October to 27 November 2021