Bundoora Homestead Art Centre’s Senior Curator Claire Watson and guest co-curator Sophia Cai have gathered artworks, which reflect on the pursuit of wealth, and in some cases gold-mining. The pieces on view tackle the complex idea of a ‘fair-go’; ruminating on money, social and political inequity as well as Indigenous custodianship of the land. As the curators say ‘Lucky?’ is ‘a chance to reflect on the foundations of contemporary Australian life, from generations of riches to immigration, all seeking a ‘better life’.

Eugenia Lim, Yellow Peril, 2015, single HD video: colour, sound, 17 mins and 55 secs. Courtesy the artist

Shoufay Derz, Someone digging in the ground, 2015, video (diptych), 12 minutes 21 seconds. Courtesy the artist and Artereal Gallery, Sydney


Bundoora Homestead
Until 3 March, 2019