RMIT Masters of Fine Art ‘Grad Show’

A unique opportunity to see the work of this year's Master of Fine Art graduates curated in a 10-day exhibition.

The RMIT Masters of Fine Art ‘Grad Show’ is a unique exhibition of final works – the culmination of tenacious and rigorous individual and group development through the course by the artists, their supervisors and tutors. Each graduating year of this reputable course is unique and produces high quality work, however, this year’s 2015 work has been remarked upon as exceptional.

The course is in many ways a distilling process for an artist’s work and an important catalyst for the artist’s professional practice. The work reflects a group of 24 artists who have not only worked hard individually, but have also engaged with and supported one another in ways that have developed a particular unity and energy that presents in this exhibition, a body of work that is much more than the sum of their final projects.

“I was shocked at the pace and scope of their development. I found it hard to imagine how such rapid and expansive progress was possible in the short time frame of the MFA. Well I have witnessed it now. It is possible, and entirely due to the hard work of students and teachers alike,” says Associate Professor Dominic Redfern.

Although many of the graduates exhibit regularly in galleries, this uniquely curated exhibition will show all new works not yet seen by the public.

Come and celebrate with the artists, their esteemed supervisors and tutors for the opening night of the exhibition on Wednesday November 25 at 6pm, and enjoy the depth and breadth of these works.

RMIT University
RMIT Building 49, Level 3, RMIT City Campus
26 November to 4 December, 2015