The Energy of Water

Three artists come together with works that capture the relentless power and the strength in the stillness of water. Erika Beck’s abstracts capture water’s erosive energy through personal exploration inland, via the Finke River, to the water-worn shores of Kangaroo island.

For Rhett Brewer, it is the moment when a wave has reached its full height and is about to topple, expending its energy on the rocks of the Southern Coastline. For Cathryn McEwen, stillness is in the mesmerising depths of water rippling across rock pools of the Central Coast.

Erika Beck, Pearl Bay

Artsite Gallery
6 to 28 February, 2016

Erika Beck, Pearl Bay I, 2014, acrylic on canvas 123 x 90cm
Courtesy the artist and Artsite Gallery, Sydney