Firstdraft | Torrent Blossom

Amala Groom, The Union (still), 2019, 4K UHD video, colour, sound, 11 minutes 11 seconds. Commissioned by Carriageworks for The National 2019: New Australian Art. Courtesy the artist


‘Torrent Blossom’ is an online exhibition centring artists and writers whose practices challenge the colonial state of Australia. Curated by Firstdraft and supported by the City of Sydney, it brings together a selection of new and existing video artworks, presented in dialogue with newly commissioned critical and poetic texts.

Featuring Hannah Brontë, Megan Cope, Dean Cross, Amala Groom, S.J Norman and Rachel O’Reilly, with contributions by Susie Anderson, Jazz Money and Jenna Lee.


Streaming now from 19 to 26 August 2020