Zoe Grigoris: Social Medea

For ‘Social Medea’, Zoe Grigoris creates an environment that invites a delightful sense of wonder and teeters on the blurred edges of memory. Her new collection of delicate jewellery and decorative wall works are inspired by how memories slip, transform and fade, and jewellery’s nostalgic role in preserving them. Grigori’s pieces bear the hallmarks of her distinctive whimsical aesthetic, including her ornately embossed patterns, romantic feminine forms and painterly surfaces, while her larger-scale wall works provide scope to use pattern in a more uninhibited way.

Zoe Grigoris, Sleep Walker, 2021, wall piece: copper, enamel paint, MDF, 15 × 12 × 1cm. Courtesy the artist and JamFactory, Adelaide

JamFactory, Adelaide
7 August to 26 September 2021
South Australia