Amalia Pica: please listen hurry others speak better

Amalia Pica
please listen hurry others speak better
Sternberg Press

From cardboard reconstructed acoustic radars to marble sculpted hearing aids, Amalia Pica comments on the volume of human communication, and enables a better understanding of new dialogues (and miscommunication) between inter-species. With a focus on shared language and experiences between our closest relatives (for example, apes and chimpanzees), Pica looks towards tools of interaction.

Exhibition photographs and didactic texts, vocabulary lists, lexigrams, musical and performance documentation as well as artefact illustrations provide an anthropological aspect to the publication and support the in-depth research of social models and hierarchies that inform Pica’s artmaking; in particular two bodies of work, presented in exhibitions ‘ears to speak of’ (2017) and ‘please open hurry’ (2018). Includes written contributions by Aileen Burns & Johan Lundh, Carolin Köchling, Rafael Ortega, Filipa Ramos, Volker Sommer and Eugenio Viola.