ANAT SPECTRA 2022 | Multiplicity

ANAT SPECTRA 2022 is the Australian Network for Art and Technology’s flagship triennial event; an artistic and discursive platform inspired by the intersection of art, science and technology, with this year’s iteration centring on the theme of ‘Multiplicity’.

‘Multiplicity’ is delivered on- and off-screen with the online offerings of SPECTRAvision until 6 May, and the live, in-person SPECTRAlive at Science Gallery in Melbourne from 21 to 23 April.

Stelarc, Propel: Body on Robot Arm, Demonstrable, Autronics, Lawrence Wilson Gallery, Western Australia, 2019. Photograph: Steven Alyian. Courtesy the artist and ANAT, South Australia

SPECTRAvision comprises five episodes considering almost 100 artworks and propositions from artists, scientists, technologists, and citizens. From Friday 1 April, Episode 2: Machines Like Us, Cells Like Them is an online exhibition that spotlights the rise of the metaverse and what it holds for the future through works by a myriad of artists, including Stelarc. Episode 3: 36 Ideas to While Away the Winter on Friday 8 April stages an online symposium that looks at algorithms and cellular and artificial intelligence. Episode 4: Future Cultures on Thursday 14 April presents short films that visualise future societies and how their survival may be dependent on ancient cultures.

Embedded into the program, Episode 5: SPECTRAlive is an IRL three-day event; artistic propositions, creative research, and deep listening, generating a collective imagining of our futures.

Episode 6: Postscript on Friday 6 May, an online academic inquiry into the future. “What am I doing now? “How will it affect what I do next?” are two questions posed in the frame of individual practice and projects and within the curatorial provocation: how do we, through the intersection of art, science and technology, build a better, fairer, more sustainable future? Go online and find out.

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