A Drone Opera | A poetic exploration of reality and surveillance

Laser beams, classical music and eyes in the sky take the stage at Carriageworks with Matthew Sleeth’s three channel video installation ‘A Drone Opera’ until 28 July, co-presented with Experimenta. As the title suggests the auditory experience of an original libretto performed by opera singers Judith Dodsworth, Hamish Gould and Paul Hughes includes the seemingly disjointed omnipresence of the technology of surveillance. Ovid’s ‘The Fall of Icarus’ inspired the performance; the narrative parallels a contemporary experience of our desires and fears. Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Carriageworks Director of Programs, shared that ‘the conceptual and technical artistry of this work offers a unique insight into how spectatorship and surveillance is rapidly evolving as technology mediates contemporary life.’

Matthew Sleeth, A Drone Opera. Photograph: Lucy Spartalis. Courtesy the artist and Carriageworks, Sydney