Eugenia Raskopoulos: Vestiges of the Tongue

Eugenia Raskopoulos
Vestiges of the Tongue
Formist & Power Publications

The performative and spatially inflected photomedia practice of Eugenia Raskopoulos is surveyed in this weighty title with scholarly contributions and documentation that honours 30 years of work which has a feminist core that inevitably sprouts ideas about understanding, politics and violence. To cast, reproduce or translate, shape or influence is explored in the essays with a focus on the power of language and ‘trace’, the absence or clue to the body – and the oscillation between these tools and a resulting image. Victoria Lynn muses ‘words are not hard but communication is, and so too is meaning and translation’ and later, ‘through video and photography she gives voice to a female experience.’ In a concluding interview with Nicholas Tsoutas the artist says, ‘All one has is one’s body and one’s language; the self is not separate.’