John Olsen: Goya’s Dog

In the 1950s, Australian artist John Olsen was a young man inspired by art, literature, poetry and music, who was captivated by the people, culture, history, and landscapes of Spain. It was there that Olsen became aware of the darker and more vulnerable side of his own sense of being. It was a place that ‘rather than thinking outwards, it made you think inwards,’ says Olsen.

From 11 June to 7 August 2021, ‘John Olsen: Goya’s Dog’, an exhibition of over 50 major works, sketchbooks, and drawings from this significant period of Olsen’s artistic development are on view, alongside works from the 1970s to 90s, at NAS Gallery, at Sydney’s National Art School, where the now 93-year-old artist was once a student.

John Olsen, Le Soleil, 1965, oil on hardboard (ceiling), 307.3 x 233.7cm. Private collection. Courtesy the artist and NAS Gallery, Sydney

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