Justin Shoulder: Carrion – Origins

‘Carrion: Origins’ continues a body of work by Justin Shoulder, which questions the role of humanity at a time of unprecedented destruction of nature. Originally designed and performed for the stage, Carrion, the amorphous being, moves deftly between gallery, nightclub, theatre and cinema contexts. With speculative vision, in this immersive installation, Shoulder reimagines the natural history museum, and brings viewers face to face with the macabre notion of encasing, conserving and prizing an imagined hybrid human-animal creature from a devastated apocalyptic future.

Justin Shoulder, Carrion, 2019-20. Edited by Tristan Jalleh. Photograph: Alex Davies. Courtesy the artist and Warrnambool Art Gallery, Victoria

Warrnambool Art Gallery
9 October 2021 to 3 April 2022

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