Keith Courtney and Christian Wagstaff: 1000 Doors

Melbourne-based artists Keith Courtney and Christian Wagstaff will launch their large-scale installation ‘1000 Doors’ at the 2019 Bendigo Easter Festival. With the space crafted so that the viewer experience is paramount, Courtney says ‘the project puts audiences at the centre of the work, allowing them to explore their own reactions to smells, spatial play, tactile surfaces and sounds.’ You can anticipate that the labyrinthine sequence of parlours and passages in between will come alive with clues to their past inhabitants, such as a telephone chiming, photo or scent.

Keith Courtney and Christian Wagstaff, 1000 Doors, 2018. Photograph: James Morgan. Courtesy the artists and Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria

Presented by Bendigo Art Gallery in Rosalind Park the experiential work will be open daily from 2 to 9pm and for the Easter break hours are extended to 10am to 10pm.