Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art

River Lin, Blue Sunbath

Get set to participate in the latest developments in experimental art during the ‘Liveworks Festival’ presented by Performance Space, in Sydney’s Redfern-Waterloo cultural precinct. Artists, curators and presenters from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region will come together to take the audience on a new and creative journey charting themes of gender, sexuality, Indigenous culture, social activism, politics and climate-change.

‘Liveworks’ featured artists Ross Manning, Mish Grigor, Tina Havelock Stevens, Indigenous duo Stiff Gins, Jon Rose, Force Majeure and Kristina Chan, Liesal Zink, and Asia-Pacific artists Choy Ka Fai, Xiao Ke and Zi Han, Rianto and River Lin will captivate the audience in an enlivening program of dance-based work, kinetic installations, sound, light, sonic sculpture, technology, conversation and video.

Experience Cleansing Service, by Lin as he performs gentle and intimate cleansing rites on willing participants, while The Talk invites the audience to play out conversations artist, Grigor, has had with members of her family about their sex lives. Manning’s Melody Lines comprises a continuous, moving, psychedelic landscape of light and colour that will highlight the foyer, and each night Havelock Stevens presents Thunderhead, an extraordinary video work accompanied by a powerful improvised musical performance, of a storm she filmed on Highway 54 in Texas.

Jeff Khan, Artistic Director of Performance Space, says, “performance has an immediacy to it, and an urgency that is difficult to replicate in other media. That moment of liveness between performer and audience can be very powerful, and invite us to reflect on our own physicality and morality in quite a particular way.”

Jess Olivieri, mish lay down

27 October to 6 November, 2016

Top: River Lin, Blue Sunbath, 2014, performance from ‘Seasonal Depression’, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei

Right: Mish Grigur (with collaborating artists Anne Thompson and Jess Olivieri), The Talk

Photographs: Jess Olivieri
Courtesy the artists